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Making Decisions: Patients and Supporters

This document gives an overview of Supported Decision Making (SDM) and how it can be used in the healthcare setting.

What is AAC and who can benefit from it?

This document gives an overview of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and lists some devices.

Making Decisions in Dental Care Tool

This is a comic showing a person attending a dentist appointment and shows how the healthcare providers can use the Dental Placards.

Making Decisions in Dental Care Tool: Panel by Panel

This shows the Making Decisions in Dental Care Tool in a panel-by-panel format.

Dental Placards

An example of step-by-step instructions with visuals you can provide patients and supporters to prepare for a dental appointment.


Here are three videos designed to accompany the Dental Care tool. One video shows the tool in action when Kelly visits the dentist and uses her communication device to work with the dentist. Another video shows Arthur using other methods to communicate with people around him. Then we have a video of Jake interviewing Judith about how she wants to be treated when she visits a healthcare provider.